And so it begins…

It was not that long ago that, despite the rapid growth proving the contrary, I thought social networking was for overly egotistical people and Gen Y’ers who felt the world were dying to hear about their every move.  Facebook status updates? Who cares about you buying a farm (albeit just a virtual one) or receiving a virtual gift on your birthday?  Then along came Twitter…omg…I thought that would be worse.  You get 140 spaces to share your thoughts with the world. But who would want to read about what you had for lunch, what bathroom supplies you’ve run out of, when your dentist appointment is or that your bowel movements were regular (or not, as may be the case!)?

So what made me change my mind and start a blog? Well, I guess it was a case of “if you can’t beat them, join them!”  I waved the white flag last year when I started working out of town and was forced to commute on a weekly basis.  All of a sudden, I was working up to 20 hrs a day in a town where I had few friends, was eating rubbish (if at all) and the people who I saw regularly were the hotel staff and the hire car drivers who drove me between the airport and the hotel/home.  When you find yourself talking to a client who seemed to think your mouth was just moving because you liked to hear the sound of your own voice, you realise being able to share your thoughts with the world without anyone talking back was not necessarily such a bad thing.  And on the occasions when people did comment, they actually could make for proper CONVERSATIONS!  Besides, I was starting to get homesick, missed my family and my friends – people I ACTUALLY cared about – so looking at Facebook updates suddenly seemed like the greatest invention ever.

And what about Twitter?  I wanted to see what it was all about.  Why was Ashton Kutcher being followed by a million people?  I mean, that’s the dweeb who was in “That ’70s Show” and married to Demi Moore!  (FYI I don’t follow Mr or Mrs Kutcher).  I decided to follow people who would share news, thoughts, pictures or videos on topics that I was interested in seeing.  Amongst the 130 or so Tweeps (that’s Twitter people) that I currently follow, there are sports stars, politicians (our former PM @KRuddMP – recently changed from KRuddPM!), entertainment reporters, TV show creators, TV shows & their writing staff and actors.

But whilst it was exciting to get a reply from @ThisIsRobThomas recently, it has been most fun sharing thoughts and TV quotes with my new friends – my fellow “Collars” (i.e. fans of TV Show White Collar).  From different parts of the world (Portland, Atlanta, Perth) we would discuss at length the plots, outfits, actors, characters, and the best quotes of each episode and from other shows we loved…insane, right?  But it was so much fun!  When I wondered why my new mattress seemed so much warmer than my old one, someone explained pillow-top mattresses were generally filled with less natural fibres than older and cheaper mattresses, and therefore, did not “breathe” as well.

And when I had a question about starting a blog, a complete stranger replied “Just write what you are passionate about”.  And so that’s what I will be doing.  So stay tuned!  In the meantime, I must return to my Tweeps!  You can follow me on (yes, I do love to shop…but I shall leave that discussion for another day!).

Toodles! x


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