Why Do We Care?

My regular readers and Twitter followers know that sometimes when I get obsessed with something, I can get too carried away, regardless of what that something might be.  There is no denying that my obsession for the last 12 months has been a TV show called White Collar, its stars and writers.  I tweet about them, blog about them, and of course, talk about them.  Incessantly. My opinions on all things WC-related are often so strong that when someone says something negative about them, I feel the need to publicly defend them.  At the same time, if there was something I did not like, such as one of the episodes that aired a couple of weeks ago, I did not shy away from going into lengthy discussions with my fellow Collars, detailing every plot hole we could identify (quite frankly, because we know the show so well that we were able to spot the plot holes from a mile away) and offering possible explanations for what went wrong.

So, this particular obsessive (and possibly very shallow) behaviour aside, it brought to mind the question of why we care so much about some things and so little about others?  As I write, the major news items around the world involve the Christchurch earthquake (as discussed in my blog When Tragedy Strikes We Pull Together) and the continuing turmoil in Libya.

Watching coverage of natural disasters and civil unrest tears at the heartstrings…there is no arguing this as fact.  We celebrate the good (survivors being pulled out of the rubble or the fall of a dictatorship) and we mourn the bad (death and destruction) as if we were personally involved.  We look at our own lives and are immediately grateful that this is not happening to us.  Is it easier to care about people who we do not know?  Why is it sometimes so hard to care about people we do know?  I don’t know what the “right” answer is to these.  I can only guess that perhaps we think what we want to think about people we don’t know and it may be easier to believe they are perfect than those who we know are not perfect.

Have you ever been so moved or enraged to do/write/take action about something that you never thought you would ordinarily do?  Rant about something that you are passionate about, perhaps?  Feel free to share your thoughts 🙂

Toodles xox

And for the record, I do believe Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay and the whole White Collar fandom are perfection…just saying 😉

Partners in crime-solving: Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer as FBI Agent Peter Burke and CI Neal Caffrey


4 thoughts on “Why Do We Care?

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  2. Laura Vivoni

    I do agree that Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay and the whole White Collar fandom are perfection as well. he he
    I want to comment more on this later. I’ve had a long week and my mind is really tired and can’t really think too much. But I too have done things that I never imagined as a result of something that I had a strong opinion on. More on that l8r 🙂


  3. Ryan

    So much to say about suffering and those in danger. At times it is too much. Luckily we have shows like White Collar to give us some escapism, when our heads are too full of the chaos of life.


  4. Christine

    Definitely yes! Many of my blog posts arise out of something I become very (even if just momentarily) passionate about. But I love the way you started by talking about obsessions (it would be White Collar in my case as well ;D). It’s probably true that obsessions are how things get done in the world.



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