Lazy Much?

At the start of 2011, I decided to take up the WordPress challenge to post to my blog every week.  For the most part, I have managed to do this although some weeks, I would find myself publishing two or three posts followed by a week of absence.  I usually feel bad when I miss my self-imposed deadline (I decided to post by Saturday every week since I realised readership is highest on weekends) but it is never for lack of trying.  For example, I have four incomplete and one completed posts sitting in “Draft” status right now.  It’s just that, well, some weeks, I am just too lazy to update.  I won’t lie – laziness is to blame.  I wish I could just be Bruno Mars…

I would like to blame it on writer’s block.  But a little while ago, a group of smart, young writers in Hollywood gave me the advice that there is no such thing as writer’s block – there is only bad writing, so keep writing!  For the record, I am posting this video, with the help of my friends Carol and Ryan Saul, primarily because the writers gave me a nice shout-out 🙂 (On the panel were some of the writers from my favourite show White Collar: Jim Campolongo, Joe Henderson, Dan Shattuck, Alexandra McNally and Matt Negrete. Panel was from ITVFest Writers Festival held in LA on 7th August 2011).

My regular readers may have noticed that I did not publish anything last week.  So to make up for it, I will post two entries this week, starting with this one.  To further prove that I am just lazy, I shall post a few of my favourite funny YouTube videos here.  It’s better than not publishing anything at all, right?

So, let’s start with something about my addiction to my BlackBerry…what on earth would I do if it wasn’t working anymore?!  It’s every crackberry addict’s nightmare!

Feel like dancing?  I have to be honest…I have not done very well on the Wii Fit Rhythm Step game but this makes me laugh so hard I’m sure I burn more calories watching this than my attempt at pleasing a video game.

But, wait…there’s more! That was just the view from the front!  You want to see what those moves look like from the back? Oh, go on, you know you want to! Press play!

And last but not least, this came highly recommended by my not-quite-9-year-old nephew.  Consider yourself song-bombed! 🙂

So there you have it…this is my lazy best…over 400 words about nothing.  Hope you had fun 🙂 Be sure to come back later in the week when I have something fun to share 😉


6 thoughts on “Lazy Much?

  1. Veronica

    Ahah I can understand you… I’m much worst than you with my own deadlines. 😦
    But I’ll steal the advices our beloved crew made you and I’ll try again to keep writing (just today I’m in one of that ‘bad writing’ times).
    And I’ll try again to comment what I read (I don’t do it so often as I should do)…
    Maybe for some days I’ll go good. XD
    Bye. 🙂


  2. Christine Antonios (@christinelive)

    OMg. I had not seen Carol’s video!! THAT IS SO COOL!! I’m so excited for you. Also, I love that you’re going to post a blog a week. I have almost a dozen “drafts” sitting to be finished for my blog HAHA. But your post made me DETERMINED to post something today. I don’t think I’ve posted since school started HAHA.


  3. Carol

    I always enjoy your posts. Sometimes you just need to be lazy… least you’re lazy and entertaining. Ha!
    Happy to provide shoutouts and submit your questions when I am able! 😉
    I can’t believe Christine missed that video! Lol I wonder if she missed all the videos & photos I posted that night.


    1. Christine Antonios (@christinelive)

      I can’t believe I missed it either!! I remember when you went that night, and I definitely saw the photos on twitter. But I don’t remember any videos. I’ll have to go back and check.

      Sorry I’ve been missing everything recently =(. Eventually, I come across everything hahahaha. I’m constantly told how behind I am hahahahaha


  4. Chie Lagumen

    Tummy ache from laughing! You’re my laugh medicine today. Favorite part shoutout from the whitte collar writers. gummy gummy bear totally a song bomb!



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