Web Series Review: WHOLE DAY DOWN Episode 4 “Last Impressionists”

If texting while driving is frowned upon and drinking while driving is illegal, then someone should be arresting Willie right now.  Perhaps we can just blame it on his participation in all those pharmaceutical drug trials giving him strange side effects, such as growing an extra arm like Zaphod Beeblebrox (from “Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy”) and worse.

In “Last Impressionists“, our intrepid gallerists, Patrick (Patrick Breen) and Willie (Willie Garson), have a Cubist Couture exhibit they are preparing for.  The artist is an exotic and beautiful woman named Amora (Marta McGonagle) who repurposes the clothes that the Impressionists were buried in.  I think I’d look good in a Cezanne Suit Jacket with the Monet Mini Skirt…

As usual, things don’t go as planned and one of the costume pieces has been held by Customs for “suspicious chemical signatures”.  What to do?  Make another one?  But how?  Where would Amora find another piece of material from a dead artist?

To add to the panic, Mr G (Dan Fauci) has mysteriously disappeared and his daughter, a pregnant Nadine (Elisa Donovan) is suspicious that “something is not right” and does a little Sherlock Holmes snooping.  When Patrick and Willie also go missing, Franny (Francesca Fauci) and Hunter (Steve Bloem) join in the search.

Meanwhile, our favourite art critic, Addison DeWitt (Karen Austin) has returned to inspect the latest exhibit with surprising results.  Could this be a change in fortunes for our gallerists?  Will our team of singing detectives find our missing men in time?  Most importantly, is it boxers or briefs for Patrick?

You will find the answers to all this and more on Tuesday 10th January at 10.30am PT (US).

Watch the series at WholeDayDown.tv.


You will find links to my reviews of all episodes of WHOLE DAY DOWN here.

You can follow series creator/producer/editor, Tai Fauci, on Twitter @WholeDayDown, “like” them on Facebook where you will find behind-the-scenes photos and subscribe to the Whole Day Down YouTube Channel.

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