Web Series Review: WHOLE DAY DOWN Episode 5 “The Jeremy Flegg Show”

When I tell my friends to watch WHOLE DAY DOWN, they ask me why they should.  The conversation usually goes something like this:

Me: Hey have you checked out WDD yet?

The Other Me (TOM): Weapons of Dastardly Destruction?

Me: Whole Day Down!

TOM: What does that mean?

Me: Errr…Anyway, it’s a really funny webseries starring Patrick Breen and Willie Garson.  You know, the Broadway and TV stars? Between the two of them, they’ve been in, like, everything!

TOM: Ok…What’s it about?

Me: It’s about two guys who’ve been best friends since, like, forever, and they decide they want to share their love of art by opening their own art gallery, except they have no money because Willie is an out-of-work actor, which is totally not true in real life, and Patrick married money so he’s got nothing of his own.  Anyway, Patrick’s father-in-law, Mr G, is, like, this really mean dude who always threatens to cut people’s balls off.  Patrick’s wife, Nadine – you might know her as the gorgeous redhead Gayle from the NBC series “In Gayle We Trust”, has this relationship with her Dad that is suspiciously incestuous.  Nadine convinces her Dad to let the guys use his gallery on Mondays so the guys come up with these absolutely crazy exhibitions.

TOM: How crazy are we talking here?

Me: One time, they had this performance art thing but one of the artists goes missing.  Another time, they had this guy who looks like some crazy hobo make crockery and table settings with stuff he found from near a nuclear waste disposal dump site.  And last time, they held an exhibition of clothes made from what famous Impressionists were wearing when they were buried!

TOM: I’m not really into art…

Me: Me neither but it is soooooo funny! It’s like they love art but they’re spoofing it at the same time!  Oh, and did I forget to mention there’s, like, a “love pentagon” thing happening between the characters, too?

TOM: A love pentagon?

Me: Yeah! You see, Willie is in love with Patrick’s wife, Nadine, and she’s pregnant with his baby; Patrick is not-so-secretly in love with Hunter, played by a very hot-looking Steve Bloem, who, by the way, appears in various stages of undress in this latest episode; while Franny, one of the assistants at the gallery, has this love-hate thing going on with Willie.

TOM: So what’s with the title of this latest episode? Who’s Jeremy Flegg?

Me: He’s played by another hottie, Jon Tenney – you know, the guy from “The Closer”, and he’s a vodcaster who interviews Patrick and Willie about the webseries and then he’s found dead, his lifeless body hanging from the stairwell like a Halloween effigy of unheeded warnings.

TOM: Huh?

Me: It was all on page 10!

TOM: Now you’ve totally lost me.

Me: Everything happens in parallel universes! I mean, Patrick and Willie explain that Whole Day Down is a wholly improvised webseries but then Jeremy outs them by showing them a discarded script page with the exact lines they just said! And then we see that the whole series is being directed by a kid! And the kid happens to be the love-child of Willie and Nadine! It totally messes with your head!

TOM: And what’s this about page 10?

Me: The episode opens with Jeremy reading out page 10, about how he is supposedly found hanging from the stairwell, and it’s all “Blair Witch Project”-like, and then he actually is found dead!

TOM: And it all happens in a parallel universe?

Me: Yep!

TOM: So in which universe will I find Hunter naked?  ‘Coz, while you were talking, I googled Steve Bloem, and O-M-G, you’re right, he’s hot!

Me: Right?! Yes, well, he’s shirtless in one universe because the Hunter in the other universe is wearing his pants, so that Hunter is wearing no pants because the one in the other universe is wearing the pants. Get it?

TOM: Got it.

Me: Good.  That makes one of us…

So, if you’re a little confused by what just happened, it’s best that you check it out for yourself. You will find the entire webseries at wholedaydown.tv.  Episode 5 “The Jeremy Flegg Show” was released on Tuesday 24th January, 2012.  Oh and did I forget, Willie’s son, Nathen Garson, makes his second appearance on this mind-boggling episode, too!

The season finale (sob!) will be available on Tuesday 7th February.  Support the series and make sure we see a second season of this fantastic webseries.

You can find my reviews of every episode here.

You can follow series creator/producer/editor, Tai Fauci, on Twitter @WholeDayDown, “like” them on Facebook where you will find behind-the-scenes photos and subscribe to the Whole Day Down YouTube Channel.

Nominate Whole Day Down for a Shorty Award and an Audience Award at Indie Intertube and show Tai and the gang how much you love them.

P.S. The above conversation between me and myself in my parallel universe really happened but you’d have to be there to understand the whole conversation.  Or you can just watch Whole Day Down.



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