Web Series Review: WHOLE DAY DOWN Ep6 “The Artist Is Taking You With Him”

Have you ever wondered how terrorists got their start?  Maybe some of them had normal childhoods; but then again, they may be the spawn of arterrorists like Bob (guest star John Ales).

What’s an “arterrorist”, I hear you ask.  Well, I’m not really sure there is any definitive answer to this question, but Bob’s art involves strapping a home-made bomb to himself and becoming the central exhibit in an underground art gallery.

The way Willie (Willie Garson) explains it, the exhibit is “natural deconstructivism” which sounds like a really snobbish way of saying “f**k the world” to me, but what do I know?  (And this is why I love this show so much.)

When Bob has to leave the exhibit unexpectedly to attend to his miscreant six-year-old daughter’s school, our gallery owners, Willie and Patrick (Patrick Breen), are forced to take over from Bob before Art-Critic-From-Hell Addison DeWitt (Karen Austin) returns for her visit.

Unfortunately for Willie, he draws the short straw and finds himself strapped to a bomb which he triggers in the belief that it is fake, but as our Hunky Hunter (Steve Bloem) confirms, revealing his secret talent, it is all too real!


Will our gallerists survive?  Can Hunter use his special skills to defuse the bomb in time?  Will Franny (Francesca Fauci) find instructions online to save the day?  Will Patrick ever find out the truth that his best friend is the father of his wife’s unborn child?  And what will Mr G (Dan Fauci) do?  More importantly, will Willie and Patrick’s gallery finally get the best review they could ever hope for from Addison?

I am sad to report that “The Artist Is Taking You With Him” is the season finale of this fantastic webseries.  However, I am looking forward to seeing more in the future.  Show your support and follow Whole Day Down on Twitter, “like” them on Facebook and watch it on blip.tv.

Thank you to the creative genius of the talented Patrick Breen and Tai Fauci for this high quality production of a very funny webseries, and if you look closely at the closing credits, you will see my name there in large friendly letters 🙂


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