Review: WIGS – “Jan” (Part 1)

Jan (Caitlin Gerard) is a photographer who has just scored her first job working for renowned photographer-to-the-stars, Mel Karpova (Virginia Madsen).  She may attend to her camera equipment with the skill and touch of a brain surgeon, but she is clumsy and nervous when it comes to anything that does not involve a camera.

But you can’t really blame Jan for being nervous when her first photoshoot is called “Afterglow” which involves actors Gerald Noth (Stephen Moyer) making love to his girlfriend, Andie (Jaime Murray), then photographing Andie in the immediate moments afterwards.  Mel is unimpressed by Jan’s clumsiness while Gerald is every bit the gentleman and charmer, insisting that he is the one at fault and not Jan – in a way, totally true.  How is a girl supposed to concentrate when Stephen Moyer is standing there in front of you in nothing but a towel around his waist?Based on the first episode, it is clear the relationship between Gerald and Jan will develop into something more (though how much more, one can only guess at based on the promos), whilst the relationship between Mel and Jan will turn even more icy as Mel threatens to turn Jan’s dream job into a nightmare.

“Jan” is the first of over 20 stories already written about women to be launched on the new YouTube channel called WIGS which stands for “When It Gets S…”.  Each series, the “S” stands for something different and each episode of the series/short film runs for 5-7 minutes. Created by filmmakers, Jon Avnet (Black Swan, Fried Green Tomatoes, Risky Business) and Rodrigo Garcia (Albert Nobbs, In Treatment, Mother and Child), WIGS will deliver original, scripted series, short films, and documentaries, all starring female leads. New content will be updated each weekday from May 14th.  Two other stories scheduled for release in coming weeks will star Julia Stiles as “Lauren”, and Jennifer Garner as “Serena”.

One of the reasons many writers/producers choose scripting for the web over a television network is the freedom offered by the lack of ratings and regulations, which opens the door for much more interesting content. WIGS promises many more award-winning, big name stars in upcoming episodes including America Ferrera, Michael C. Hall, Alfred Molina, Walton Goggins, and Dakota Fanning.  The brevity of each episode makes it easy to watch and keeps you coming back for more.  The quality of the production is like watching a feature.

Tune in everyday and check out what’s in store, starting with the first part of “Jan” right here:


3 thoughts on “Review: WIGS – “Jan” (Part 1)

  1. Suzy (@KittyFantastik)

    Enjoyed watching the first 3 episodes, can’t wait for more. On a more shallow note, I’d probably knock everything in my way if Stephen Moyer was in the same room with a just a towel round his waist! Lol


  2. goldenboy62

    Have enjoyed the series so far. Very smart filming the entire series to maintain a regular schedule, something most indies can’t afford to do. I’d always wondered how the game would change once the big boys really decided to take the web seriously. Now we know, and I’m impressed.



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