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How Aussie Is That – Or Is It?

G’day mate! ‘Owyagoinmateawright? (Translation: Hello! How are you going, mate, all right?”)

For a long time, Aussies like me have been complaining about how our country and people are portrayed and perceived by people in other countries.  The kinds of questions I get asked about Australia whenever I travel abroad never cease to amaze me – sometimes they make me laugh, while other times, they just make me shake my head and wonder what kind of education people are getting about us.

Let’s start with some basics: we don’t all have kangaroos hopping around in our backyards or cuddly koalas perched in our trees chewing on eucalyptus leaves.  Thankfully, I have not had these questions in a very long time.  Maybe if I lived in the bush or in the Outback, I might find them, but out here in the ‘burbs in metropolitan Sydney, the only place where I would see said natives is at the zoo or wildlife park.

On my first visit to the US in 1995, I was constantly asked “Do you have a lot of flies in Australia?”  The first time I was asked this question, I replied “yeah, that’s why this [waving hand in front of my face as if swatting away flies] is called the Australian salute”.  Now this is actually true.  But when I was asked this a couple more times as I met different groups of Americans, it suddenly occurred to me I might have been missing something.  When I asked why everyone was asking me this (as opposed to the typical “do kangaroos really know how to box?”) I became curious.  It turned out the Discovery Channel had just aired a program about flies and apparently Australian flies were heavily featured. Mystery solved!

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Lights! Camera! Action!

Mobilisation. Yes, we have heard that word used a lot when it comes to wars and flash mobs. I guess this is not too far off. Maybe I’m exaggerating. What I’m trying to say is, never underestimate what a group of determined fans can do, especially when armed with the technological wonders of webcams, iPhones and peer-to-peer file sharing.

Confused? Let me explain.

OK, so my last post on this blog was a little tribute to my favourite TV showrunner, Jeff Eastin, and a little recap of what happened in the WHITE COLLAR season finale. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you are way behind the 400+ readers who have hit that page in the week since I posted it but it’s never too late. You can still read it here 🙂

Several weeks ago, frustrated by the fact that international fans of WHITE COLLAR like myself are never eligible to enter competitions related to the show, I suggested to some of my fellow “Collars” that we make our own fan video to show how deserving we are of getting recognition for our fanliness (I admit, this is not a real word but neither was “google” until recent years). I mean, why should we get left out just because we don’t happen to live in the US? Continue reading

Are You Ready For Black Friday?

Black Friday.  Consumerism at its best.  Or worst.  It really depends on whether you’re someone who’s prepared to camp out in front of Wal-Mart overnight in the cold in the hopes of “saving money” or if you value sleep, comfort, warmth and your sanity.

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia.  We’re the “lucky country”.  We’re thankful everyday.  Instead of stuffing a turkey on Thanksgiving day, we stuff ourselves on Christmas day with a barbie – no,  not the toy with the unrealistic physical proportions, I mean a barbecue.  Instead of Black Friday, we have “Boxing Day Sales”.

For the past week, I have seen segments on American news and talk shows such as Today, The View (don’t judge me!) and The Ellen DeGeneres Show talk about Thanksgiving and about shopping for bargains on Black Friday.  Not surprisingly, advice from some money management experts have been to stay home and shop online or to wait for another day.

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When Junk Doesn’t Mean Trash

Matt Bomer at HFP Press Conference Oct 2011

Oh my dear readers, words can not begin to describe how much I love this man, Mr Matthew Bomer!  He is always so polite to everyone and never says a bad word about anything or anyone.  He is quite simply, according to everyone I know who has met him, every bit the gentleman.  And we all lust after him.  My best friend recently called him “the thing” and when I asked her why, her response was “Look at him! He is too perfect to be human!”

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Lazy Much?

At the start of 2011, I decided to take up the WordPress challenge to post to my blog every week.  For the most part, I have managed to do this although some weeks, I would find myself publishing two or three posts followed by a week of absence.  I usually feel bad when I miss my self-imposed deadline (I decided to post by Saturday every week since I realised readership is highest on weekends) but it is never for lack of trying.  For example, I have four incomplete and one completed posts sitting in “Draft” status right now.  It’s just that, well, some weeks, I am just too lazy to update.  I won’t lie – laziness is to blame.  I wish I could just be Bruno Mars…

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How Well Do You Know The Villains of White Collar?

Villains of White Collar

OK if you have been reading my blog for a while or have been following me on Twitter, you’ll be well aware of my addiction with TV show White Collar.  As my mother always said, if I only put this much energy into studying I’d have had better grades (having an MBA isn’t enough? :)).  For the record, I believe that White Collar is a highly educational show! Check out my “Ten Things I Learnt From White Collar” post.  And if you are still not convinced, you can also find the show has made it into Wikipedia (Season 3, Ep 7).

If you were one of the lucky attendees at the “White Collar Fans at SDCCparty in San Diego during the annual Comic Con (“SDCC”), you may have picked up a copy of a crossword puzzle prepared by the party organisers based on questions prepared by me.  If you weren’t there (join the club :() then here’s your chance to take the quiz and test your knowledge!

When you’re done, leave a comment here and let me know your score 🙂

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And don’t forget to check out the White Collar Fans at SDCC blog for all the behind-the-scenes action from the party and the fans 🙂

Is Geek The New Chic? Welcome to Comic-Con!

2011 SDCC TV Guide Covers

From 21st to 24th July, 2011, the world’s largest convention for comic enthusiasts will take place in San Diego.  You may have heard of it – the San Diego Comic Convention – SDCC.  When this convention originated in 1970, it was attended by a few hundred fans of comic books and science fiction – Batman, Superman, The Avengers, Spiderman…you get the idea.  Of course, we cannot forget the Trekkies and the Star Wars fanatics.  You couldn’t consider yourself a true comic enthusiast unless you could speak Klingon.

I don’t pretend to know anything about this event except that over the years, this gathering of “comic geeks” has grown and now includes a galaxy of stars from the small and big screens.  Tickets were so in demand that the online sales service was not able to cope with the surge of orders when they were first released.  The server crashed, although this might say more about the event’s lack of organisation than anything else, but tickets were released again a few months later.  Still, to the fans who desperately wanted to attend, tickets were hard to come by.  Even the process the press has to go through to get their passes seemed ridiculously complicated, but I have been told it is worth the effort.

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