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The Addiction of Fandom & You Can Join in the Fun

All my friends know by now that since I got my BlackBerry a few months ago, I have been almost joined at the hip with it. I never went anywhere without my old mobile anyway but now that I have all my emails, Twitter, Facebook, all more easily accessible and at a much cheaper cost than the old one, I am even more attached to it than before.  Recently, one of my friends called me anti-social because I was checking Twitter while she was driving instead of talking to her, but the ironic thing was that I was tweeting with someone on the other side of the world or the other side of the country, discussing our common bond: White Collar and its stars Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay.

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And so it begins…

It was not that long ago that, despite the rapid growth proving the contrary, I thought social networking was for overly egotistical people and Gen Y’ers who felt the world were dying to hear about their every move.  Facebook status updates? Who cares about you buying a farm (albeit just a virtual one) or receiving a virtual gift on your birthday?  Then along came Twitter…omg…I thought that would be worse.  You get 140 spaces to share your thoughts with the world. But who would want to read about what you had for lunch, what bathroom supplies you’ve run out of, when your dentist appointment is or that your bowel movements were regular (or not, as may be the case!)?

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