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When Size Matters…

A few weeks ago I was watching a morning show and they mentioned there was a study done recently about women’s handbags – not about women’s obsession with them (that will be the topic for another post!) but about their contents and their resultant weight.  Picking up my own handbag, I realised this was a serious issue we have. I mean, between the high heels and the 5kg bags we lug around each day, no wonder I’m feeling pain everywhere!

Although I am not a mother, sometimes I feel like Mother Hen. When someone needs a Band-Aid, they come to me.  When they need a tissue, they come to me.  Got something stuck in your teeth and you need some floss? Go ask Valerie!  I used to think this was one of those sometimes-annoying traits I inherited from my parents where you need to be prepared for anything all the time. But then when I heard about this “study” (which, to me, still sounds like some PhD student’s idea of a good con, a little like the recent Auckland University study about everyone singing in the shower with an American accent), I decided to conduct my own poll.

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