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What’s Your Number?

I wanted to start this post by announcing my birthday 🙂 Yes, happy birthday to me, with a hug and kiss from one of the stars of my favourite TV show White Collar, Tim DeKay 🙂  I have lost count of how many times I have played back this video now – and yes, if you have been reading my blog for at least a year, you will have noticed I got a birthday shout-out from Tim last year, too 🙂 What a lucky girl I am, thanks to two wonderful friends, Julie (in New York) and Carol (in California).

Age is a funny thing.  It is just a number but it means different things to different people.  Some embrace it.  Some are afraid of it.  Personally, I belong to the former category – for as long as I don’t look my age and people don’t expect me to act my age, of course 🙂

When you’re a kid, you can’t wait to celebrate a birthday.  You want to know how old everyone is and you count your birthdays by the month (“I’m five years and four months old!”).  You always want to be older than someone else and there is nothing worse than being “the baby”.  As you hit those puberty blues, you just want to get to your “sweet 16” followed by 18 when you’ll be “legal” and considered an adult – you can drink (unless you live in the US, in which case, you can do just about anything else BUT drink – strange!) and vote.  Then you turn 20 and suddenly you can say you’re not a teenager anymore but I’m not sure why no-one makes a big deal of that.  When you turn 21, that’s another big milestone…a new decade though, strictly speaking, you kick-start a new decade once you turn 20, so again, why don’t we celebrate turning 20 as a big milestone instead of 21? Hmm…

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