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Are You Ready for a Rapturous Good Time?

In case you hadn’t heard, apparently the world is coming to an end (again) on Saturday 21st May, which, as at time of writing, is only hours away for me.  I am not sure exactly what time the world is supposed to end but I sure hope it’s not till late at night, say, after 10.30pm AEST, because one of my favourite episodes of White Collar (the one where Neal and Peter switch roles – seriously epic in how much fun it was) is scheduled to be on the air in Sydney at 9.30pm and I would like to be around to watch that again before I die.  If not, well, at least I have seen it before, and I feel bad for those who have not seen the Season 2 finale because it was a really good one.  Is that why all the shows have their season finales in the US this week?

I have another question…which timezone is the end of the world supposed to happen?  Because, New Zealand is two hours ahead of me so if the world is ending in their timezone, then that means I actually have two hours less, but if it based on Pacific time, then I guess I have an extra 17 hours, in which case, I might even get to the SCG to watch some of the Swans game against the Hawks on Sunday…

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