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Why I Don’t Watch Game Shows and Reality TV

A couple of weeks ago one of my best friends from school and her husband went on a game show which just aired in Australia.  When she first told me she was going to be on this show, I was excited for her because it was exactly the kind of thing she loved doing – the fun, excitement, challenge, being in the spotlight and of course, the chance to win some cold, hard, cash.  At the time, I told her I didn’t want to know the results – whether they won or lost.  I said I wanted to be surprised like everyone else when I watched it.  Then as the air date got closer and I started seeing the promotional ads appear on my TV, I started getting anxious.  I sent her a text message in the morning that said:  “If there’s even a remote possibility I might have a heart attack while watching you on TV tonight I need to know the ending NOW!!!”, to which she replied, “You need to watch.  Heart attack guaranteed!”

Then it was showtime! I turned the TV on, sat and waited patiently as the host (not my favourite person on Australian TV) talked through the introductions and explained how the game worked.  Then came the categories for the questions.  They could have lost the lot in Round 1 which would have made for a very short show indeed but thankfully they didn’t.  There were 8 rounds in total and I got increasingly nervous with each round.  I was playing along.  The worst part about these game shows is the long dramatic pauses.  They always annoyed me – the long pause as they made you wait for the big reveal, and then just as you thought they would show you the answer, the host would say dramatically: “we’ll show you the answer when we come back after this break!”  I can tell you exactly what I wanted to break at that moment!  To cut a long story short, the show did not end in my friends’ favour and I nearly had a coronary from the anxiety (for the record, I would have lost the lot, too).  Indeed, I should have taken heed of my friend’s warning: “Heart attack guaranteed!”

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