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Thank You, Social Media, For Showing Me Who My Friends Are

At some point in the last ten years, I was led to believe that the dawn of the age of social media was supposed to help us socialise, be more sociable, keep in touch with long-lost friends, etc. Sure, I have met lots of people via Twitter and even managed to meet some of them in person, many have shown me such kindness and generosity that I never thought existed in real life, let alone people I had never met in person before. I have also reconnected with friends near and far who I have not seen in a long time.

Of course, with every positive, there is always something negative you can find with the use of social media. For example, I am so glad I am not a teenager growing up in today’s age of constant technology, where schoolyard bullying extends beyond the confines of a schoolyard. A tweet, a photo or a video posted on the world-wide web picking on someone can ruin someone’s life within seconds.
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The “Anti-Social” Network Dilemma

Everyone talks about “social media” or “social networking”.  No, I am not talking about the movie.  Facebook. Twitter. MySpace. Blogs.  Yes, I am guilty of being addicted to this form of communication.  If you are reading this, then I dare say, so are you, even if only to a small degree.  Social networking is meant to be all about bringing people closer together.  It lets you share your news (happy or sad), thoughts and opinions to everyone quickly.  And it spreads the message far and wide.  It is simply technology helping make us all one big happy family.  YES!

As much as I love tweeting, and I just passed the 40,000th tweet milestone last weekend, I am also well aware of the negative impacts of this type of “social” interaction.  It is true that I have made many friends through Twitter – searching for a hashtag (#) and trending topics (aka “TT” in Twitterverse) will help you find others you have something in common with – but I am also aware of the effects of negative messages being spread via social networking sites.  After all, for anyone who has seen “the Facebook movie” or read the book on which the film was based, you would know that the site started life in a mean-spirited fashion.

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