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When Teamwork Works, The Team Works

Ever been at a job interview where you get asked if you were a team player?  It’s a pretty typical question.  Now, how are you supposed to answer that?  Unless you are trying out for a solo round-the-world yachting record, you’re most likely expected to respond to the affirmative (although I would say even “soloists” of any kind would say it takes a team of people to get them to where they are).

In my experience I have seen many people claim they are team players but really they are the “free-riders” who hide behind others to do the hard work whilst they all claim the glory at the end of the day.  As usual, I sought out the Oxford Dictionary for a definition of Teamwork:

“the combined action of a group, especially when effective and efficient”.*

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The Facts of Life – Winning & Losing

My 7 yr-old nephew began playing Junior AFL (Australian Football League) in the Under 9s team this year.  He had been playing Auskick for the previous 2 years and loved every moment of his Sunday training. He was very excited and we were all very proud.  My sister is their team manager despite never having been involved in anything of the sort before.

There is nothing more exhilarating than watching a bunch of kids running around a field, whatever the sport, learning some skills and discipline while having a great time.  At my nephew’s first ever training session, I watched his interaction with other kids he had never met before.  Ever the sociable character that he is, he was soon getting to know everyone’s names and soon having a kick with them.  When they played a mini game, there were times when he was so busy talking to the other kids standing at the goal square with him that he barely noticed when the ball was coming his way.

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