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Happy Twitterversary

It was exactly two years ago, on March 18, 2009, that I joined the Twitterverse. I know exactly why I joined and what I was doing when I signed up. I was watching the Ellen DeGeneres Show. She had been talking about Twitter a few times and I finally got curious about it. Other people had mentioned it before as well. I already had a Facebook account but at the time was barely using it. But I decided to try Twitter anyway. I signed up but I had no followers (sounds a little cult-ish, doesn’t it?) and I didn’t know what to do. I assume everyone started out searching for celebrities to follow. I know I did. Then somehow I learnt a few other things like using hashtags (#), how to send public messages to people (@) and private/direct messages (D). In the beginning, I didn’t tweet much. I hardly even logged in.

My Tweet Stats

So what changed in February 2010 to cause me to start tweeting madly (well, to me, at that time it seemed like I was tweeting madly at 154 tweets for the month!)?  The answer is quite simple: I discovered White Collar.  To my now-dedicated and loyal group of friends/followers, you will understand exactly what this means.  To those who aren’t, I won’t judge you but you are missing out! 😀  Now, you may say “but the show started in October 2009! What were you doing all this time?”  Well, it didn’t air in Australia till a couple of months after the US so I did catch on a little later but once I caught the bug, I caught it BIG…viral proportions!  As they say, better late than never! Continue reading


Where you Tweet, I will Follow

“So what do you say on Twitter?” I’ve been asked this question a lot lately.  Or, how about this one: “Why do you twitter?”.

There’s no one way to answer questions like these.  To be honest, over 3,300 tweets later, I cannot remember exactly what I started tweeting about back in March 2009.  Continue reading

Vocations & Those Who Commit

I was working in Martin Place today in Sydney’s CBD.  There was a “Vocations Expo” in the amphitheatre area.  The Expo was dedicated to religious vocations but it prompted me to ponder the vocational paths that each of us pursue in our lives. (I’ll warn you now: if you are doing some soul-searching, you won’t find any answers here!)

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