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Myth-Busting for Practical People

I have always made it a point in this blog to try and turn the negative into positive.  But there is always an exception.  So let this be the one (if I have more in the future I will create a new blog – Ha!).

The first myth I need to bust is that self-cleaning ovens do not clean themselves.  There! I’ve said it!  It is the biggest lie in the world.  Right after “no, honey, that dress does not make your butt look big”.  Oh wait…if you live in Sydney, you would probably agree that the Cityrail timetable is also a myth – the greatest piece of fiction ever written, as it is sometimes known.  The mere existence of a timetable does not mean that it is real.  So back to my first point:  Whoever came up with the term “self-cleaning” needs to be shot…unless he is already dead…in which case, R.I.P.

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