Counting Our Blessings

In case you didn’t know, today is Chinese New Year.  It marks the start of the Year of the Rabbit.  Now, before you go asking me what that means, let me just say I have no idea…will it be a good year? Well, there are a lot of people in this world so I’m sure it is bound to be a good year for at least one person, right? 🙂

As is tradition, I got a red packet (or “lucky money”) from my parents.  For the first time this year, I would not be getting one from my Grandmother since she passed away recently (In Loving Memory for my Grandmother).  The very thought threatened to bring tears to my eyes but I was determined that I would not start the new year with tears, but rather, I was going to remind myself of the many blessings in my life.  And it would seem that I am not the only one to be thankful for my friends of late.

This next story I am telling does not belong to me but it makes me happy telling it just the same.  You see, earlier this week, my favourite actor, Matt Bomer (star of White Collar) was appearing on US late night TV talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live.  All of us Collars are excited at every opportunity that we get to see Matt.  So needless to say it was very exciting for us fans seeing him promoting our favourite show, but of course, not everyone can get to L.A. to meet the man himself.  And this is where having great friends makes me “squee”…you see, Christine Antonios could not make it to L.A. to meet Matt in person, but two of her friends were kind enough to go, and here is the best part.  Not only did they get to meet Matt outside the studios, but they went, armed with a handmade sign for Matt to hold so they could photograph him with it…and below is the result:

Matt Bomer holding a sign in support of my fellow Bo-mite Christine Antonios

Oh and for the record, Christine is a law student in the US and if you ever do need a lawyer, you can contact her via Twitter at the above address 🙂  And you can also read her blog about the excitement at

As for me, our news down under have been inundated lately of our worst natural disasters in Australian history.  At the start of January, we were saddened and terrified as we watched Queensland (north/east coast of Australia) battle terrible floods that devastated the State and led to loss of lives and properties.   Just as the waters were starting to subside, Far North Queenslanders had to prepare for an approaching category 5 cyclone (most severe category applicable) named Yasi.  The government and emergency services quickly worked together to ensure the safety of residents and news coverage, once again, was of the best and worst of nature and human spirit. (For the record, as at time of writing, Cyclone Yasi has been downgraded to Category 1 after sweeping all in its path the night before, but fortunately, no lives have been lost. The cyclone is still bringing heavy rains as it moved inland but is expected to be further downgraded by tomorrow).

And as I watched others lose their worldly (material) possessions, I was once again reminded of all that I have – my family, friends, home.  Although I am not currently in a job, it is by choice that I am not working and I have the luxury of that as a choice.  I took advantage of the summer sunshine and went out to play tourist today, enjoying the Annie Leibovitz photography exhibition at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art.  I have previously blogged about my own experience with the kindness of my Twitter friends – perfect strangers who have been as good friends to me as any I have ever met in real life (you can read my post The Kindness of Strangers and Friends to learn more about these “strangers”) and today, I received my very own copy of US TV Guide which featured a double-page spread on White Collar, thanks to my long-distance partner-in-crime, Katy.  It definitely made my day!

Me with my TV Guide from Katy

And when I came home, I discovered my 2011 Sydney Swans membership pack in the mail (yes, who doesn’t love mail, right?), another reminder that football season is fast approaching and I will soon, hopefully, be blogging about my other obsession!


Me with Cyggie at the SCG


So I already know 2011, the Year of the Rabbit, is going to be a great year, no matter what.  Next time you are feeling down and think the world is against you or things work out better for everyone else, look around you and think of all the good things that you have.  If you have a roof over your head, that is at least a step ahead of many who don’t.

Keep smiling and Gung Hei Fat Choy!  xox



2 thoughts on “Counting Our Blessings

  1. Christine

    This is a really great post, and all so true! I’m so sorry about your grandmother and about everything that has been happening in Australia. I pray that you and your family will stay safe and that it will all be over soon.

    Thanks for mentioning my photo and blog! You were all so sweet to get as excited as I was! Not sure if you saw, but Kelly (@MattBomerfan) posted a video that shows Matt talking to my friends and him taking a photo with my sign <3. ( <– It's a long video, but you can see my friends talking to him about half way through.



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